You’ve got the e-commerce shop, the whole thing is placed out pleasantly, the technicalities and client experience is satisfactory, it appears as if all the boxes are marked off, and you feel like your breathing can come back to normal. But you know it could be improved. If only you could section clienteles for targeted marketing, deal with those abandoned carts, make some merchandise commendations, maybe even completely incorporate all the store sale statistics with generated email promotions rather than answering back by hand.


Marketing automation is vital for endorsing your trademark, generating deep client networks, and making sales. It’s at the core of our TractionNext stage.


The chances offered by e-commerce developmentsystem have altered customer performance for eternity. Whether you’re a product marketing directly; a bricks’ n mortar competitor offering digital choices; or a simply a purely online store, your e-commerce key has got to be incorporated with your marketing automation platform or you are dropping your chances.

You merely cannot physically answer back to every single consumer who displays a little curiosity.

Clever marketing automation software can mine data about your consumers. This consists of plotting their activity patterns and generates automatic replies with appropriate content, for example, new suggestions to move them along your sales funnel towards conversion.


The more improved is your software integration; the greater is your conversion rates.

Down below are few explanations why your e-commerce trade requires marketing automation:

Enhanced lead generation and conversion

While replication business is always significant, producing new leads and whirling those leads into fresh clients is just as important. When your business attains a new lead, it’s clever that you bond with them straight away. Running physical lead engagement denotes that time and again, a few prospects will, without doubt, slip up through the cracks.

You can set up your marketing automation database to mark all leads that come in and link with each and every one in a manner that means most to them. All lead arrangements will be trailed and can be further directed as they work together with your communications.

Managing and Handling the cart abandonment

Cart abandonment has grown into an epidemic in the domain of e-commerce, with customers walking out on a whopping 68% of carts. Marketing automation can assist by permitting you to direct out generated abandonment emails.

You can mark a client who has abandoned their cart and deliver them an email after it continued to be ignored for a definite amount of time. When fashioning the email, it should not only remind somebody that they have articles in their cart but also motivate them to finish their transaction.

Easier to customize marketing promotions

Clients need to recognize and listen to stuff that is personal to them, particularly in a world where they’re confronted with amplified sound and commotions. By being competent to ask queries and accumulate more information, and provide suggestions that are particular to that client and their buying history, you’ll have a superior odd of achieving repeat business. With dynamic content and email marketing automation, these stages are accomplished without essentially having to customize each email by yourself; in its place, it just has need of a preliminary setup with a topmost marketing automation platform.

Easier client targeting through various channels

These days there are so many channels across which you can advertise, with email, social media and SMS providing just a few instances. One of the excellent things about this diversity is that your multichannel scheme can be formulated so that you get in touch with the right people, at the right times and in the right places. On the other hand, doing this task by hand can turn out to be incompetent and a waste of time. Marketing automation allows you to give out targeted marketing across all channels, getting in touch with your proposed spectators when and where it is preferred by them.

Enhanced chance for cross-selling and upselling

One of the main strategies to grow sales and drive repeat commerce has at all times been upselling and cross-selling. Making sure consumers have knowledge about renovations or accessories that go well with the product they bought can be a fast win.

With marketing automation, you can make use of clients’ order data to send out customized emails that let them learn about supplementary items that are applicable to them. For instance, if you were marketing a pair of suede shoes you might need to vouch for a suede protector spray. This will upsurge the regular order worth and lifelong worth of your clientele, and if possible, keep them coming back again and again.

Better post-transaction marketing

Promoting to the client who has already bought your merchandise is as significant as advertising to prospective consumers. The notion behind post-purchase advertising is to arrange for motivation for repeat business, and marketing automation makes this simple to do. You can endorse items that are associated with what the client just purchased, you can customize the email to better communicate with their buying behavior, and arrange for individual renewal or loyalty concessions.

Enhanced analytics

Spending money on email marketing automation denotes improved analytics. Every feature of your marketing promotion can be tracked and reported on, as most of advertising automation platforms can be incorporated with analytics platforms, for example, Google Analytics. Every characteristic of a marketing promotion can be broken down so you can evaluate the information and keep an eye on where you’re doing good and where there is a need to augment.

 It’s a time-saver

This might be one of the supreme advantages of marketing automation. In real life, you have most likely experienced the comprehension that manual advertising communications can turn out to be a major time-suck. With automation gears, your time can be better utilized looking out for new items, evolving new facilities, or dedicated to some other feature of your e-commerce business plan. To put it simply, when your marketing communications are automated, you will not only lessen your amount of work, but also have a solider, more proficient, and totally enhanced marketing campaign.

So marketing automation can turn out to be a very valuable tool in e-commerce trade as it has the advantage of enhancing the record of the marketing campaign and will also aid in saving the manual labors of digital marketer. Furthermore, with the assistance of automation and AI, the business of e-commerce has developed a lot in a former couple of years and is anticipated to enlarge exponentially by 2020. What is more, the ever-changing technologies are also making it uncomplicated for the advertising organizations to cultivate the business of any e-commerce platform.

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This guest post was written by Hassan Khan Yousafzai, he is passionate about Digital marketing. Along with educational background in Software Engineering he is bridging gap between marketing and development department. At Techvando , he has been consulting brands all over Pakistan to gain online traffic and profitable leads.

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